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Primary Vocation:
Martin Brossman, primary vocation, is a Success Coach and trainer; specializing in career direction & change, communication, conflict resolution, and relationship coaching.  He has eighteen years of professional experience including: organizing, managing, and operating small business and a personal consulting business.- Certified as a Coach and Team Leader.  Martin has authored articles on aikido in business, conflict management, humor and healing, meditation, customer service, and men's issues. Author of: "Aikido (The Way of Harmony) in Business", Trainer of "The Magic of Conflict", Co-developer & Trainer of "Embracing Conflict",  Co-Founder and Facilitator of Actualized Possibilities Team 1999-present. Certified practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Completed Landmark education's FORUM, Communication Course, and Curriculum for Living courses. St. Andrews College BA graduate 1983. Seven years IBM Customer Service. 

A little about Martin's  involvement with Men's work:

Martin Brossman path with Men's Work started back in 1994 when a man recommended to him that he read Iron John by Robert Bly. Then in 1996 a man supported him in taking the Sterling Men's Weekend. After the weekend he was determined to continue conversations about men's issues and created The Triangle Men's Inquiry Meeting in October 18, 1997. Since that he has become a big supporter of the Raleigh Men's Center and has been involved in their annual retreat every year since it started. In November 10, 2000 he created the on-line Men's Inquiry group that has had up to 195 involved in it from all over the world and participated in many other on-line men's discussion group as will as the conceptual design of others. Martin was also actively involved in the first Wake County Public forum on Men's issues which had over 400 participants in 2001. His involvement started when they called him from an add in the newspaper of his inquiry group and he recommended that they also have a representative from the Raleigh Men's Center involved and have someone from MKP at the information table on the day. He participated actively in all the planning stages, assisted in selecting the speaker, helped get press for the event, designed one of the workshops (single mother raising sons) and lead another one (conflicts in families). In August/September 2001 Martin convinced a local magazine to dedicate one full issue to Men's Work, guaranteeing it would be their most successful issue and it was. He has been on radio talk shows about men's issues (such as the Million Dad March station) and assisted Warren Farrell's workshop on relationship (the author of 6 books on men's issues). In Spring 2002 he gave his first live poetry reading on Men's issue at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church. In November 2002 he took the New Warrior Men's Training and has taken full advantage of their on-going support group (I-groups). Martin has also published numerous article on men's issues which have been published in both electronic and print men's publications. Martin currently an open spokesman for the value of men's work, providing his free presentation on men's issues to groups of 8 or more, leading the on line Men's Inquiry group, and held his men's Inquiry meeting, free of charge every month since 1997 (which has a notification list of over 165 men). He has personal passion of understanding how distinguishing the masculine and feminine enhances our lives. In 2003 Martin created the women's version of this work on-line and in-person called the Women's Inquiry Group ( http://www.thewomensinquiry.com ) .  Martin has offered mentoring and support to men around the world to get involved or start their own men's groups.

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Martin Brossman can be reached at:

Phone:  919.847.4757
E-mail: Men@ToInquire.com, or 
Snail mail: 6260-100 Glenwood Ave., Suite 251 Raleigh, NC 27612

For more information about his personal coaching services got to:

e-mail: Martin@CoachingSupport.com


My Personal Vision for Men's work:

My personal vision is as men can re-learn how to profoundly nurture and emotionally support each other and to stand together to be the men we are proud to be, there will be stronger families, more compassionate and strong leaders, and more young and older men that feel valued by society.  I believe that this type of support would make it impossible for a man to stand silent when someone takes an action that does not support him, his family, or his community.

My commitment to men:

I create training, technology and environments that sustain men in supporting each other. Honoring the true essence of masculine energy in a way that supports all life.

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