Audio of the First Book Signing and Launch of  the book:
Finding Our Fire: Enhancing men's' connection to heart, passion and strength.
(About the author involvement in Men's Work.)
  The story of creating the book 
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  • About the recording: A live recording of Martin's presentation at the 1st book signing. On Sunday, July 22 from 4 pm to 7 pm, Dancing Moon bookstore hosted a special book signing event for Raleigh author Martin Brossman who introduced his work, ďFinding Our Fire: Enhancing Menís Connection to Heart, Passion & Strength.Ē Based on over a decade of facilitating The Menís Inquiry which Brossman founded, the book incorporates insights contributed by more than 100 men of diverse backgrounds and residences who responded to the deeply motivating questions gleaned from numerous Inquiry meetings. Brossman gave a presentation on how the book was created. ďMy intention is for the book to provide a new window into the minds of men for both male and female readers.Ē Brossman said. It is free to download and may need high speed internet to receive.
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Slideshow of all the pictures from the event.

  About The Authorís involvement in Menís Work  
  Martin Brossmanís path with Men's Work started in 1994 when he read the book Iron John by Robert Bly. Two years later he attended the Sterling Men's Weekend. That experience inspired him to create The Triangle Men's Inquiry, holding the first meeting on October 18, 1996. He has faithfully continued the meetings monthly to date, free of charge. On November 10, 2000, he created the on-line Men's Inquiry which has connected hundreds of men around the globe in online discussions. He has participated in many other on-line men's discussion groups as well as helping with their conceptual design. He leads the online Men's Inquiry group and facilitates the Raleigh in-person Inquiry meetings. In 2003 he created the women's version of this work with online and in-person meetings called the Women's Inquiry −  . Martin has been a supporter of the Raleigh Men's Center and has been involved in their annual retreat every year since it started. He was actively involved in the first Wake County Public forum on men's issues with over 400 participants in 2001. That year he convinced a local magazine to dedicate one full issue to Men's Work, guaranteeing it would be their most successful issue to date−and it was! He has been on radio talk shows about men's issues, including Waking Up with Carolyn Craft on Sirius Satellite Radio ( ) and assisted Warren Farrell, author of 6 books on men's issues, in Farrellís workshop on relationships. Martin has published numerous articles on men's issues that have been published in web and print publications. In Spring 2002 he gave his first live poetry reading on men's issues at St. Andrews Presbyterian College. The New Warrior Men's Training has been especially important to Martin, along with the ongoing value of the related support group (I-Group). With great honor in 2007 he received the Ron Hering Mission of Service award from the ManKind Project. Martin has offered mentoring and support to men around the world wanting to get involved in Menís Work or start their own men's groups. Currently a spokesman for the value of men's work, Martin gives presentations on various men's issues to groups of men and women. Martin can be reached at (919) 847-4757 or



The book
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"Finding Our Fire" is based on the Menís Inquiry Group which has been meeting monthly in person and on-line for over 10 years. In the Inquiry meetings, men explore  questions about their lives  that give new insights and new actions to take. The meetings have inspired men to enhance their relationships with their families, improve their jobs, and resolve old issues in their lives that previously held them back.  Questions explored in the Menís Inquiry have included: What does it mean to be a man today? How do you discover your purpose in life and live it while providing for your family? What type of son were you to your father? How do you keep love and passion alive in a long-term relationship?  

The book is a  multi-purpose tool:   it can simply enhance the individual reader's life, or it can serve to facilitate the formation of a men's group to support ongoing growth on a broader scale.  It also provides a much-needed impartial window into the inner world of men that seems to improve women's understanding of men and men's understanding of themselves.  The compelling questions  have had a powerful impact on the men whose responses are included in the book , and many of those who have seen  preview chapters are looking forward to enthusiastically using the questions in their men's workshops and seminars across the country.

"Finding Our Fire" speaks in the authentic voice of men helping men by simply contributing their own life experiences.  It is a true showcase of the emotional courage of men--something you do not hear much about in society today!  A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to support The Triangle Men's Center in NC and The Men's & Women's Inquiry. 


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